Hiking for Health

*Note* I wrote this post back in March, before the social distancing was in place.

One of my fitness goals was to be able to walk 3 miles easily. Last weekend, I managed to go on a hike with some family. It was a super easy trail: A downhill slope at the beginning that you have to climb up at the end, and it was paved the whole way. Does that count as a hike if it is paved? That I am not sure about.

My feet ready to take on the trail!

The weather was perfect. There were clouds in the sky and a slight breeze. The temperature was around 70 or so. No need for a heavy jacket today! The air was crisp and fresh, it felt good to get out of the house.

I had the LO with me, so I spent a good part of the jaunt pushing the stroller. That added some arm workout to my walk, but it also decreased the counter on my FitBit. That made it harder to count my steps. It was still good in the end: I would much rather have my LO with me and not have an accurate step count. He was fascinated by the lakes and birds we saw on our excursion. It was wonderful to get him out and about on a nice day.

I only had one issue during the hike. My leg seized up at one point, making it hard to lift. I suspect I did not stretch it well enough before we started. I managed to keep going all while still pushing the stroller. Fortunately I had brought along my camera, so I could keep stopping to get pictures. This allowed my leg to rest.

Once of the reasons I wanted to get in better shape was to do hiking with my husband and LO. It was great to actually take that step and get out there! We saw a lot of different birds and animals, so the LO had a great time. It was such a great time for all of us to hang out together. It reafirmed my determination to get in shape for my family. ❤

We spotted this curious Red Robin on the trail!

Have a good week everyone!


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