My Stats as of March 1, 2020

February was a busy month! While I slid backwards on my weight goal again, I learned some valuable information on my potential issues. I realize I have been feeling overwhelmed, which has not been conducive to my health. While this month has not been good for my physical health, I have learned some things that are causing my mental health to plummet. This is good because now I can start working on the issues that cause me to have a strain on my mental health. Once I can tackle those, my physical health should improve as well.

Stress Less

Good news and bad news. Bad news – I was very stressed this month. Good news – I took the time to figure out what was causing the stress. Thus, I am now working on my stress triggers one at a time.

Lose the Weight

I am sad to report my weight loss dolphin has slid backwards again. He is still on the poster board, but not for much longer. If I hit 190 that will send him swimming off the edge. I want to make sure that does not happen in March!!!

Beat Sugar

While slow going, I am making progress in this area. I have discovered triggers that cause me to binge sugary treats. I hope that by working on those triggers, I will help reduce my need for sugar.

Drink more water

I started off February with drinking a bottle of water everyday, and then let it slide near the end. I have now acquired a second water bottle though, so that should help the process for march.

Be able to walk 3 miles easily

Haven’t tried this one yet. However, the weather is warming up so hopefully soon I will be able to tackle this one.

Boost the immune system

So far so good! Haven’t gotten sick yet in 2020. I am still taking the Vitamin C drops every morning so that has helped.

Get Pregnant

Still a no on this one. However, I did find an app that will hopefully help out! It is called Ovia, and it helps track fertile cycles. I plan to do a more in depth post about the app soon.

Stats as of March 1, 2020

  • Weight: 189
  • Weight Classification: Obese


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