My Stats as of February 1, 2020

I am a little late (actually a lot late!) for this post, and I apologize. I did make sure to get my stats measured on the 1st, so that was a plus. Overall, I didn’t do as well in January as I would have liked. This left me with having to do a reevaluation (again) of anything more I should be changing. Good news is, the March 1 post will have progress!

Stress Less

This is another one that started out well, but then the end of the month was not so good. I became overwhelmed with work and life. I did, however, identify some key areas that I could improve to help with the stress. More on that for the next post.

Lose the Weight

Sadly, I gained a pound this month. Some contributing factors to that was that I was down in weight from catching the flu in December, so my starting number in January was 4 pounds lighter than before. I was working to not regain that weight plus lose more. I also slid back from cutting back on sugar, and stresses at work fed sugar cravings. Sadly I had to move the dolphin on my vision board back – hopefully he doesn’t get to the wall!

Vision Board 2020

Beat Sugar

This one started off well, then did a slide back downhill. I am learning I need to tackle stress at the same time in order for this one to work.

Drink more water

Forgot to focus on this one this month! Oops.

Be able to walk 3 miles easily

This one I will be focusing on more once our weather starts getting warmer, hopefully in March.

Boost the immune system

So far so good! I have been taking a Vitamin C drop every morning to help. It is like a cough drop, but is chock-full of Vitamin C. My husband and coworker have been sick, but I haven’t caught it. After catching the flu in December, I am really hoping to avoid catching anything for a long time.

Get Pregnant

Nothing yet, but I have been taking my pre-natal vitamins everyday so I will be ready!

Stats as of February 1, 2020

  • Weight: 186
  • Weight Classification: Obese


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