My stats as of January 1, 2020

I had hoped to post this much sooner, but life has been quite busy! After a rough start in 2019, I am hoping to have a second start for 2020.

I started my goals back in October, I was off on a good foot. However, after getting sick several times and a couple of stressful situations, I fell off the wagon. I have known for a while that I was using sugar as a way to cope with stress. However, I didn’t realize just how much cutting back on sugar would bring on the stress and panic attacks. When there were stressful situations, my go to was to eat something sweet. I realize I need to learn better coping mechanisms, but it is going to take awhile to train my body.

At some point I want to be on the DASH diet as I had originally planned. However, I feel my most important goal at the moment should be “mindful” eating. I think a lot of what I am eating is not at the forefront of my mind. I will be marking my progress each month.

Weight as of 1-1-2020

Stats as of January 1, 2020

  • Weight: 185
  • BMI: 31
  • Category: Obese
  • Waist Size: 34.5


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