My Diet Plan – Part 2

The DASH Diet Breakdown

How much you can eat on the DASH diet depends on how many calories you want to intake. If you would like to read the full scoop of what the DASH diet entails, the Mayo Clinic has a great article on it. You can visit it here: .

I really like that the plan is pretty simple to follow. I also like that I don’t have to give up carbs or milk (which would be hard for me to do right now). 🙂

For where I want to be, which is at the 2,000 calorie mark, these are the servings I need to be eating:

  • Grains: 6-8
  • Vegetables: 3-4
  • Fruits: 4-5
  • Milk Products: 2-3
  • Meats: 6 or less
  • Nuts: 4-5 per week
  • Fats and oils: 2-3
  • Sweet and Added Sugars: 5 or less per week

Since I probably don’t need to be at the full 2,000 calories, I am going to eat on the low end of the serving options. I am not going to be measuring out my food for the time being, and just “eyeball” the amounts. If it doesn’t look like I am loosing weight, or if nothing else is improving, I will start measuring out my food instead of guesstimating.

I am excited to start this and see how it progresses! Thank you to anyone who is following along. 🙂