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20 Blog Followers – Thank You!

I started this blog less than a month ago. I started it so I could have a place to post my progress with my self improvement journey. I figured if I had a place to put down my progress, it would help hold me accountable to my goals. I honestly didn’t think though that anyone would be interested in my goals or my progress. I was so surprised when I saw that people were following my blog! Today I hit 20 followers on WordPress. I am not sure if that is a lot of followers or not for a month old blog, but I know that it makes me feel happy to know there are that many people who chose to follow my progress. It makes me more motivated to make progress and become a better and healthier person. To everyone out there, thank you for joining me on this trip! You are the best. 🙂

Screenshot of my good news. 🙂


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Programming a Honeywell Thermostat

On my quest of self improvement, one of my goals was to be more self sufficient. This includes learning how to work the thermostat in our house. I will admit: The confounded contraption is confusing and not at all user friendly. My husband set the schedule on it, and I have just always left it. If I wanted to turn the heat up, I would just press buttons until I either gave up or something happened.

No more! I not only learned how to set the schedule and adjust the temperature, but I created instructions and added to my home procedure manual for future reference (I don’t trust myself to remember how to do this in the future).

Honeywell Thermostat Programming

  1. System: Used to turn on the thermostat settings.
  2. Fan: “On” means the fan will run all the time. “Auto” means the fan will only run when the heat kicks on.
  3. Set: Used for setting the schedule.
  4. Hold: Used for setting the temperature apart from the schedule.
  5. Run: Used for taking the temperature off of manual mode and back to schedule.
  6. Arrows: Used to set the day, time, and temperature.

How the Schedule works

Before setting the schedule, I had to wrap my brain around how the programming worked. This was the part that was most confusing for me, since the system assumes that nobody is in the house during the week day. Pretty much, you set what time you want the heat to come on in the morning and at what temperature. You then tell the time you leave the house, and at what temperature you want the house to stay at while you are away. Then you tell it what time you will come home, and have a temperature set for the rest of the evening. You then tell it your bedtime, and what temperature you want the house at while you are sleeping. It will stay that temperature until you are “awake” again and they cycle completes. You may want to set all your schedules 30 minutes early, so the house is warm before you are awake/home from work. Knowing that ahead of time might help with setting the schedule.

Setting the Schedule

  1. Press the “Set” button
  2. Set the time that you get up in the morning (or what time you want the want the temperature to come on in the morning): Use the up and down arrows anytime you would like to adjust the time
  3. Press the “Set” button again
  4. Set the temperature you would like it to be for the morning: Use the up and down arrows anytime you would like to adjust the temperature
  5. Press the “Set” button again
  6. Indicate what time you will be leaving the house
  7. Press the “Set” button again
  8. Set the temperature you would like it to be during the day
  9. Press the “Set” button again
  10. Set the time that you will be coming home (or the temperature you would like it to be for the evening)
  11. Press the “Set” button again
  12. Set the temperature you would like it to be for the evening
  13. Press the “Set” button again
  14. Set the time you will go to bed
  15. Press the Set button again
  16. Set the temperature you would like it to be all night while you are in bed.
  17. Press the “Run” button.

Setting the Temperature Manually

  1. Using the arrows, adjust the temperature to where you would like it to be. If you don’t do anything else, it will stay that temperature until the next time the schedule kicks in. For example, if you set it manually to 79 degrees at 4:00 pm, and you have it set on the schedule to go to 71 degrees at 6:00 pm, it will stay at 79 degrees until 6:00. At that point it will adjust down to 71 degrees.
  2. If you do not want it to revert back to the schedule, press the “hold” button after you set the temperature.
  3. If after pressing the “hold” button you want it to revert back to the schedule, press the “run” button.

Hope this is helpful for anyone else struggling with their thermostat!


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Content Coming Soon!

I am working on getting content for this section, so please keep checking back! Thank you to everyone who visits my blog – you are the best. 🙂

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Setting out on a Self-Improvement Journey

It is the same thing that has happened to countless others. It has different looks and forms, but the root is the same: stagnancy. Those of us who eat out far more often than we should, because it is easy than meal planning and cooking. Those of us who are too busy to exercise, organize, learn, or enjoy the moments. Those of us who are slowly becoming tired and overworked without even realizing it.

I am one of those people. I have come to realize that I am one of those people who has a terrible diet, no exercise, and a life that feels like it is in chaos. Don’t get me wrong: I love being a mother and wife. I have a good job, and a sweet white cat. I also have a roof over my head and a car to drive. I am blessed to have all these things, and I am grateful for them everyday.

However, I can feel myself becoming overwhelmed. I eat out almost every day because it is easy. I lose sleep because I stay up late cleaning the house. I am tired so often, that I have a hard time enjoying the time I get to spend with my family. All this dawned on me one day, and I decided that I wanted to change. I want to live a long time and watch my baby grow up. That might not happen if I continue to eat garbage and stress all the time. It is time for me to take action.

“Your Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”

-Jim Rohn

My goals for this blog are varied. While I want to do some obvious things, I also want to improve some of my other skills. It is going to take some time, but I have made a list on how I want to improve myself:

  1. Diet Goals:
    1. Use the DASH diet to get control of my eating
    2. Get my anemia under control
    3. Eat food for diabetes prevention
    4. Get my GERD under control
    5. Prepare my body for pregnancy
  2. Build my endurance
  3. Body strength
    1. Exercise for back injury prevention
    2. Increase my arm strength
    3. Strengthen pelvic floor for delivering a baby
    4. Increase my shoulder flexibility
  4. Knowledge base that will allow me to take care of myself and my family
  5. Learn to pick up after myself when I am finished with something
  6. Improve my emotional intelligence
  7. Become stronger in my faith

I am sure this list will change as I continue this journey, but for right now this is a good place to start. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this, and I hope that you are happy with your journey at whatever stage it is on. 🙂